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Ooty Golf Course

Founded in the year 1896, the Ooty Golf Club was redesigned in 1929 by Ross Thompson who turned the browns into greens. It is positioned at an altitude of 7,600 feet and is owned by the Gymkhana Club in Ooty. The golf course is open round the year. It is an 18 hole, par 72 golf courses, which is very challenging and difficult. The entire course is surrounded by an avalanche range which contains thick woods. The golf course itself contains many copses of aromatic eucalyptus, oak, rhododendron and fir, which provide a very scenic atmosphere.

The course extends over 193.65 acres and comprises of 18 holes. The most exciting green is undoubtedly the 13th. It is here that the player could be interrupted by the baying of hounds as he bumps into a fox hunt in progress. The fox hunt area dates back to 1847 and can be witnessed in the course even today. The greens are fenced in order to prevent other wild animals from wandering onto the course.

During summers, an annual amateur golf championship took place, which dates back to 1906. The first winner of the championship was Major Quinton. The golf club also provides accommodation for golfers with 10 rooms and 6 huts. Other facilities include indoor games like table tennis, billiards, cards, swimming pool, bar and a restaurant.

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