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Out of all the tourist attractions in Ooty, the Botanical Gardens stand out as the leading site to visit. The surrounding and the freshness of these well maintained gardens, provide a deep sense of tranquility. This stretched green land showcases thousands of exotic and indigenous floras, making it an ideal place for the nature lovers. The visitors are allured by the vibrant flowers, extraordinary collection of trees, shrubs, ferns, herbs and more. Ooty Botanical Gardens are organized into six areas for better management, which includes: Lower Garden, New Garden, Conservatory Garden, Nurseries, Fountain Terrace and Italian Garden.

The Botanical Gardens, Ooty was established in the year 1847 by Marquis of Tweedale but was the brain child of the architect, McIvor. It is situated on the hill locks of Ooty and is home to the rare paper bark tree, 20 million old fossil tree, the monkey puzzle tree and more. The Gardens are now, under supervision of the Government and the Horticulture Department. One of the most exiting features of the Botanical Garden is the “Annual Flower Show” that takes place in the month of May. A large number of people from the country and abroad, visit the location to witness the striking assortment of plant life.

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