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Mukurthi National Park

In the southern plains of Kerala, Mukurti Peak (2553 km) is one of the popular mountains. The visitors could enjoy the view of plains surrounded by mountain ranges. Apart from this, the views of the plain from the hilltop are mesmerizing for the onlooker. There are various small huts around the peak, where the visitors could halt and take pleasure in enjoying the natural setting of the place. The sights of sunrise and sunset are pleasing to the visitors and make the visit fulfilling with an unspoilt dose of nature.

Close the peak is the Mukerti National Park, which sprawls across the entire eastern region. The national park provides shelter for various animals ensuring a natural habitat for them. The government has taken various active measures to protect the wildlife and species that are on the edge of extinction. Adjacent to the national park, there is Mukerti Lake which is paradise for ducks and birds in the park.

The visitors could also enjoy boating in the lake. A significant population of Nilgiri Thar (Hamitragus Hilocrius) is the major highlight of the national park. In the national park you could also spot Nilgiri Marten, Sambhar, Jackals, Barking Deer, Jungle Cat and Otter. The park is also a paradise for bird lovers as they could spot Laughing & Whistling Thrushes, Wild Pigeon, Woodcock, and Black Eagle. There also are a large variety of butterflies, which includes Blue Admiral, Indian Cabbage White, Indian Red Admiral, Hedge Blues, Indian Fritillary, and Rainbow Trouts.

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