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Kalhatti Waterfalls

A famous tourist spot near Ooty in Tamil Nadu, Kalhatti Waterfalls is a famous tourist attraction in this South Indian state. It is located 2000 meters above sea level and an absolute treat to the eyes. The water cascades down from a height of about 100 to 122 meters. The sound of gushing waves creates a magical effect and flabbergasting sight for the spectator. The 13 kilometer journey from Ooty to Kalhatti Waterfalls is an enchanting one with breathtaking views on both sides of the road that will surely leave you wanting for more.


Wildlife Excursions

Although a bit far away from the Kalhatti Waterfalls, the slopes are covered with thick forests and plays host to rich flora and fauna species such as elephants, bear, wild buffaloes, giant squirrel, bison, sambhar deer, tigers, leopards and panthers. You may spot an energetic and impish group of mountain monkeys but you need to be extra careful and don’t try to mess with them. It is advisable not to offer food  items to them.


Haven for Birdwatchers

Kalhatti Waterfalls are an absolute haven for bird watchers with as many as 200 bird species dwelling here. Besides marveling at the natural beauty, it is a great pass time for the tourists.


Flora and Plantation

Kalhatti houses a wide variety of spice plantations such as clove, nutmeg, plantation, rosewood, rosemary, pepper, cinnamon and sandalwood amongst others.

Best Time to Visit :- The best time to visit Kalhatti waterfalls is between September to November.

How to Reach:- There is a regular bus and taxi service from Ooty to the Kalhatti village, located at sixth mile on the Sigur Ghat Road. 

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