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It's time again for the world famous horse race in Ooty, which is here to entice all adventure lovers and help people get a glimpse of some of the best horses in the country. Resolute to begin on the 14th of April every year, this time it would be the 127th season of this race. The race course, which is situated in the Blue Mountains is the among the top racecourses in India.  An event which spreads across 45 days witnesses around 500 horses on tracks, who are  accompanied here by their caretakers.

Organized yearly by the Madras Race Club  in Ooty , the training sessions run all day long, beginning from 6 am in the morning till 8 pm in the evenings. A treat for  punters and old timers heading here  from all over India and abroad, the  delay in its start this year would surely disappoint many. This season the event will hit from the 1st of May due to multiple reasons cited by the government.

"The Nilgiri Gold Cup Race", is the most awaited event of this annual race in Ooty. The track running  area for this racecourse is around 2.4km, which is seen crowded with horses who are here all summer, mostly in the months of April to June.

The enthusiasm for the sport and this racing  event, keeps getting intense every passing year. Travelers to Ooty can get here during the race time to escape the scorching summer and indulge in a hive of activities that are bound to send a rush of adrenaline through every soul present here during the time.

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